These Hands of Mine

These hands of mine, I’ve come to realize, Have not received enough accolades or gratitude. They’ve given applause and snaps, prepared so many snacks But have gotten no hype for a job well done. They’ve held babies, wiped tears and patted backs; They’ve held up others when they were falling under the weight of their […]

The Evil Twins

Perfection is my monster. It always has been. And it’s only been since I became an adult that I’ve even thought about getting this monkey off my back. But it’s a tough, tenacious gremlin. It digs it’s claws into my psyche and alternately whispers, sneers, growls or shouts in my ear, “you must be perfect, […]


Yesterday was a sh**show! Let me say that again – yesterday was a sh**show! I mean a “Murphy’s-Law-If-it-ain’t-one-thing-it’s-another-the-devil-is-ALWAYS-busy-Mama-said-there’d-be-days-like-this” kind of day. Which led me to do something I promised myself I wouldn’t do – write about my experience with this pandemic. I know the situation the world is in right now makes for a lot […]

I’m not feeling your feels today

Here’s something that really kinda bugs me…. when other people are feeling some type of way and they’re sooooo obvious about it. What kind of way? Sad, depressed, in despair. Aggravated. Angry. Frustrated. Salty. I can see their feelings floating around in the air, heavy and wispy at the same time. Blue and gray and […]